It's easy to upload, design and order your own creations.

Upload - Click the "Upload Photo" button on the left (just below this help) and choose your photo. You can upload as many photos as you need.

Choose - Click one of the products on the right. After clicking the product it will display a choice of templates, if there are more than one. Select the template you want by clicking the thumbnail photo of the item. You can change products or templates as many times as you like.

Design - Once a template is chosen, it will load into the center for you to preview and edit. Your uploaded photo should already be in the template. If not, click the small photo thumbnail on the left to load it. You can also switch photos by clicking any of your small photo thumbnails. Use the tools to adjust the size and position of the photo in the template. If your template has custom text fields, there are edit boxes below the template for each field that you can enter. Just type in the box and see it display on your creation.

Order - Once your happy with your work. Simply enter the quantity into the box and click the "Add to Cart" button in the center just above the template.

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Click the design to use for the product.
8x10 Print (U.S. & Canada Only) - $25.00
8x10 Standout (U.S. & Canada Only) - $49.00
11x14 Print (U.S. & Canada Only) - $39.00
11x14 Standout (U.S. & Canada Only) - $79.00